Download Cross Breed PDF by Lora Leigh

Cross Breed PDF by Lora Leigh

Cross Breed: A Book

Download the book Cross Breed PDF, written by author Lora Leigh and published by Berkley on March 26, 2029, in both PDF and ePUB formats, comprising 320 pages.

Title:Cross Breed
Author:Lora Leigh
Publication date:26 March 2019
Total Pages:320
Document type:PDF
File Size:1.2 MB
Cross Breed by Lora Leigh book information.

About the book

In this latest Breed novel, Leigh tells the story of Cassie & Dog. There is plenty of action and romance to go around. The book keeps you on the edge of your seat, and is hard to put down. If you’re looking for a good book read this one; better yet, read the series! You’ll be glad you did. Cassie’s character is well written and you can see how she has grown from when she was first introduced. We find out much more about her mate who has been a background character in several other books. This book is part of a series and with no background in the Breeds world, it would be hard to start here.

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