Download Deep Learning: Foundations and Concepts PDF by Christopher Bishop

Deep Learning: Foundations and Concepts PDF by Christopher Bishop

Deep Learning: Foundations and Concepts: A Book

Download the book Deep Learning: Foundations and Concepts PDF, written by author Christopher Bishop and published by Springer International Publishing AG on November 02, 2023, in both PDF and ePUB formats, comprising 649 pages.

Title:Deep Learning: Foundations and Concepts
Author:Christopher Bishop, Hugh Bishop
Publication:Springer International Publishing AG
Publication date:2 November 2023
Total Pages:649
Document type:PDF
File Size:49.6 MB
Deep Learning: Foundations and Concepts by Christopher Bishop book information.

About the book

This book offers a comprehensive introduction to the central ideas that underpin deep learning. It is intended both for newcomers to machine learning and for those already experienced in the field. Covering key concepts relating to contemporary architectures and techniques, this essential book equips readers with a robust foundation for potential future specialization. The field of deep learning is undergoing rapid evolution, and therefore this book focusses on ideas that are likely to endure the test of time. The book is organized into numerous bite-sized chapters, each exploring a distinct topic, and the narrative follows a linear progression, with each chapter building upon content from its predecessors. This structure is well-suited to teaching a two-semester undergraduate or postgraduate machine learning course, while remaining equally relevant to those engaged in active research or in self-study. A full understanding of machine learning requires some mathematical background and so the book includes a self-contained introduction to probability theory. However, the focus of the book is on conveying a clear understanding of ideas, with emphasis on the real-world practical value of techniques rather than on abstract theory. Complex concepts are therefore presented from multiple complementary perspectives including textual descriptions, diagrams, mathematical formulae, and pseudo-code.

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