120 Rules of Grammar by Nimisha Bansal PDF Free Download

120 Rules of Grammar by Nimisha Bansal PDF

We are excited to share with you the PDF of the “120 Rules of Grammar” book written by Nimisha Bansal in the English language. The book is designed to be a comprehensive guide for both students and professionals, covering all the essential grammar rules, including punctuation, sentence structure, verb tenses, and more. The book includes examples, exercises, and tips for mastering grammar and improving written and spoken communication.

120 Rules of Grammar” is a unique or one-of-a-kind approach to bringing all the important concepts and practice questions under one umbrella to assist all the readers in clearing their slightest doubts regarding this subject. With the diversity of questions based on errors we face in today’s competitive examinations, it has become our foremost duty to be self-equipped with proper and relevant solutions. And after going through this book, one can easily find solutions to any type of question based on errors.

This book is solely inspired to make our dedicated readers feel comfortable with the subject so that they can redefine their approach to solving any problem with utmost ease. The grammar portion of the subject “Of English” plays the most critical role in any competitive examination. With the consistent evolution in the way questions are being asked in the banking, insurance, SSC, railways, and defense examinations, maximum efforts have been put to compile ‘Top 120 Rules of Grammar’ that cover almost every question based on the error part.

So, considering all the significance that this book carries, we have divided the book into four sections with each section capable of providing a notable contribution to your skills. The four sections are Top 120 Rules, Practice sets, Strategies to solve different types of questions & Mock Tests.

There are 750+ questions based on spotting errors, duly divided into 15 Practice Sets, to avail our readers of ample opportunities to practice their skills. Moreover, 10 additional mock Tests which contain more than 300+ questions are provided to visualize the latest patterns of questions being asked in banking examinations. Detailed solutions are provided to every question for better CONCEPTUAL learning.

Section – A:

  • Top 120 Rules of Grammar

Section – B:

  1. Practice set 1
  2. Practice set 2
  3. Practice set 3
  4. Practice set 4
  5. Practice set 5
  6. Practice set 6
  7. Practice set 7
  8. Practice set 8
  9. Practice set 9
  10. Practice set 10
  11. Practice set 11
  12. Practice set 12
  13. Practice set 13
  14. Practice set 14
  15. Practice set 15

Section – C:

  1. Strategy to solve reading comprehension
  2. Strategy to solve cloze tests
  3. Strategy to solve Fillers
  4. Strategy to solve paragraph completion questions
  5. Strategy to solve sentence improvement questions
  6. Strategy to solve rearrangement questions

Section – D:

  1. Mock Test 1
  2. Mock Test 2
  3. Mock Test 3
  4. Mock Test 4
  5. Mock Test 5
  6. Mock Test 6
  7. Mock Test 7
  8. Mock Test 8
  9. Mock Test 9
  10. Mock Test 10
Book Name120 English Grammar Rules
AuthorNimisha Bansal
GenreLanguage Learning & Teaching
Pages196 pages
Release Date1 January 2021

Nimisha Bansal is a very dedicated and passionate English guru. She has trained millions of students and holds more than eight years of experience. Many of her students are currently working in various public sector banks and government organizations.

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