Download Exponential Organizations 2.0 PDF by Salim Ismail

Exponential Organizations 2.0 PDF by Salim Ismail

Exponential Organizations 2.0: A Book

Download the book Exponential Organizations 2.0 PDF, written by author Salim Ismail and published by Ethos Collective on September 18, 2023, in both PDF and ePUB formats, comprising 474 pages.

Title:Exponential Organizations 2.0: The New Playbook for 10x Growth and Impact
Author:Salim Ismail, Peter H Diamandis, Michael S Malone
Publication:Ethos Collective
Publication date:18 September 2023
Total Pages:474
Document type:PDF
File Size:4.2 MB
Exponential Organizations 2.0 by Salim Ismail book information.

About the book

“Exponential Organizations V2.0” is an invaluable tool for businesses navigating uncertain times. It provides practical insights and strategies to recession-proof any organization. The book emphasizes the importance of experimentation, automation and community engagement as transformative pivots for iterating business models. By embracing these principles, businesses can adapt and thrive amidst change. My favorite wqs the authors introducing the concept of gamification through the 30-doubling challenge, a community-developed approach and a captivating approach to spur growth. And, the book influenced development of the OpenExO Experience, a conversion game cooped by the community, guiding members to navigate community platforms and leverage social networks for support and collaboration. This comprehensive playbook empowers entrepreneurs to unlock their full potential and drive exponential success in today’s dynamic business landscape.

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