Finding It PDF by Valerie Bertinelli

Finding It PDF by Valerie Bertinelli

Finding It: A Book

Download the book Finding It PDF, written by author Valerie Bertinelli and published by Atria on April 06, 2010, in both PDF and ePUB formats, comprising 288 pages.

Title:Finding It
Author:Valerie Bertinelli
Publication date:April 6, 2010
Total Pages:288
Document type:PDF
File Size:10 MB
Finding It by Valerie Bertinelli book information.

About the book

Welcome back to chez Bertinelli, where life is as crazy and comical as ever. In revealing talks with her longtime boyfriend, Tom, Valerie gets even more personal about her inner worries: her maternal anxieties about her son, Wolfie (he’s fallen in love and, as she writes, “getting your sex talk from Eddie Van Halen wasn’t recommended in any of the parenting books I read”); the challenges of dealing with a blended family; her mother’s own new diet adventure; and a craving for a deeper relationship with a Higher Power (“I have experienced days of inner peace and connectedness with a larger spirit—twice,” she writes. “Why not more often?”). And as if these everyday challenges weren’t enough, Valerie is working to maintain her own very public weight loss and approaching her fiftieth birthday. This is the story of what happens after you change your life. And it’s not all peaches and cream, or even low-fat yogurt.

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