Fire and Song by Bryce O’Connor PDF Free Download

Fire and Song by Bryce O'Connor PDF

Fire and Song by Bryce O’Connor PDF: Hello friends, In this post, we will provide the Fire and Song book written by Bryce O’Connor. So you can download it in the English language. The book is published by Wraithmarked Creative, LLC; 1st edition. Stay tuned and read this book online.

Fire and Song by Bryce O’Connor PDF

The Iron Prince will claim his crown.

Reidon Ward’s first semester at the Galens Institute hasn’t been without reward. In just over half a year he’s gone from the weakest cadet at school to one of the strongest in his class, and there’s no one left who would argue that his Device, Shido, isn’t the most terrifying CAD they’ve ever laid eyes on. Still, Rei knows that his climb has barely begun, like he knows that the true fight is only just starting.

After all… The Sectionals tournament has arrived.

Rei, along with Aria, Viv, Catcher, and a couple unexpected squadmates, are about to face the first real battle of their careers. Squaring off with some of the best Users in the Astra System, they’re going to have to put everything they have—as individuals and as a team—into their coming fights if they want to ultimately end up standing at the top. As ever, though, their journey is hardly bound to be a smooth one.

Especially not when Rei and Aria begin to suspect that Shido may be even more formidable than it appears, much less as the powerful entities who’ve already taken notice of the ‘Iron Prince of Galens’ begin to make their moves, some casting their hands in his favor, others very much against…

About Bryce O’Connor Fire and Song Book PDF

Book Name:Fire and Song
Author:Bryce O’Connor
Publisher:Wraithmarked Creative, LLC; 1st edition
Total Pages:1049
Release date:October 31, 2023
File Format:PDF
File Size4.16 MB

Bryce O’Connor learned the importance of a well-crafted story at an early age. Raised on the tall tales of Brian Jacques’ Redwall and J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, he fell in love with reading when he realized that one’s imagination is the only place where dragons might actually fly free.

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