Ghosts of the Silent Hill PDF Free Download

Ghosts of the Silent Hill PDF Free Download

Ghosts of the Silent Hill PDF Free Download will be discussed here. Ghosts of the Silent Hill Stories Based on True Hauntings book is a collection of true hauntings stories that will make your nights scarier. You can easily download it through the links given on our website.

Ghosts of the Silent Hill PDF

The fact of this book is that the stories written in this book are based on a true event that makes you have sleepless nights. Horror elements are very well explained by Anita Krishan in her book Ghosts of the Silent Hill: Stories Based on True Hauntings.

The fact that all are real haunted stories will keep you stuck till the end of the story. There are 2 parts/units, each containing around 4-5 stories. The stories are not lengthy, they are just a few pages long. Some of them are spooky and some are really worth a read!

Each story is built up and set up with the right pace and nuance of storytelling to really give you the chills. And the stories stay with you after reading them. It’s an interesting book well written and based on true haunted stories not at all boring once you start reading it scary too at times!

Being born and bought up in various locations mostly near mountains, the book will remind you of the ghost stories which you heard in your childhood. If you are a ghost lover and you want to read Haunting stories then you would like this book more than anything.


  • An Uncanny Attachment
  • Shadow in the Dark
  • The Unfinished Party
  • The Hospital Room
  • Lonely in Death


  • The Third Housemate
  • Horror in a Dormitory.
  • A little Gir’s Mission
  • The Black Walls
  • The Lodge

About Ghosts of the Silent Hill Read Online

Book NameGhosts of the Silent Hill: Stories Based on True Hauntings
AuthorAnita Krishan
PublisherFingerprint Publishing
Release Date1 December 2019

Anita Krishan was born in 1955 in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. She earned her master’s degree in English literature from Himachal University. In her long tenure as an educator, she has enriched the lives of countless students with the mystery of the narrative. Currently, she lives in Gurgaon with her family.

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