Download Gold PDF by Raven Kennedy

Gold PDF by Raven Kennedy

Gold: A Book

Download the book Gold pdf, written by author Raven Kennedy and published by Michael Joseph on December 07, 2023, in both PDF and ePUB formats, comprising 672 pages.

Title:Gold: A Novel
Author:Raven Kennedy
Publication:Michael Joseph
Publication date:7 December 2023
Total Pages:672
File Format:PDF
File Size37.5 MB
Gold by Raven Kennedy book information.

About the Book

“Find me in another life. Find me in them all.” Every end is also a beginning. I thought I was going to die, and would have if it weren’t for Slade. The only way he could save me was to open a rip between worlds. The only way for me to save myself was to go through it. Sometimes, fleeing one dangerous place just brings you to another. Annwyn. The realm of the fae. There is magic and beauty here, though around every corner, threats lurk. But I’m a threat too. I’m not a girl in a gilded cage anymore, and no one is going to stop me from finding my way back to Slade. But returning home means facing danger and secrets. So I have to burn bright enough to light my own way… Or else I might be swallowed by the dark. Please note: This adult fantasy book includes dark elements that may be triggering, including violence, cruelty, death, adult language, and explicit romance. It is intended for ages 18 years and older. Read at your own discretion.

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