Download How Does She Do It PDF by Paris Fury

How Does She Do It PDF by Paris Fury

How Does She Do It: A Book

Download the book How Does She Do It pdf, written by author Paris Fury and published by Hodder & Stoughton on September 28, 2023, in both PDF and ePUB formats, comprising 304 pages.

Title:How Does She Do It?: The Kids, Tyson & Me
Author:Paris Fury
Publication:Hodder & Stoughton
Publication date:28 September 2023
Total Pages:304
File Format:PDF
How Does She Do It by Paris Fury book information.

About the book

Alongside the number-one 2023 Netflix series At Home with the Furys, bestselling author of Love and Fury Paris Fury reveals the answers to the question she’s always asked. How does she manage life as a hands-on mother to seven children, as well as supporting World Heavyweight husband Tyson, while still looking amazing and finding time for herself? Paris Fury can pack a week into everyone else’s day. Now she tells us how she does it. Looking after seven children, keeping house, looking amazing, being there for her World Heavyweight husband Tyson, and finding time for herself: this is just a short list of what Paris manages. A lot can go wrong, and often does, but Paris takes it all in her stride. She learned her great homemaking skills in her Gypsy childhood and here she shares all about daily life with the big Fury family and what works to keep life running – from shopping, mealtimes, and big celebrations, to being ready for the unexpected, handling a crisis, and her tricks for keeping their home clean and uncluttered, as well as warm and welcoming. Balancing day-to-day parenting with Tyson alongside his boxing career, she is open about the stresses that go along with all the travel, fun, and excitement. On top of all this, Paris manages to find time for herself, too – her incredible can-do, ready-for-anything attitude is a real inspiration to us all.

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