Download How to Win at Chess PDF by Levy Rozman

How to Win at Chess PDF by Levy Rozman

How to Win at Chess: A Book

Download the book How to Win at Chess pdf, written by author Levy Rozman and published by Clarkson Potter/Ten Speed on October 24, 2024, in both PDF and ePUB formats, comprising 272 pages.

Title:How to Win at Chess
Author:Levy Rozman
Publication:Clarkson Potter/Ten Speed
Publication date:24 October 2023
Total Pages:272
File Format:PDF
File Size29.2 MB
How to Win at Chess by Levy Rozman book information.

About the book

Learn chess from International Master and YouTubes top chess teacher Levy Rozman (aka GothamChess) in this refreshing and fun guide for beginner and intermediate players. Clever and informative, How to Win at Chess teaches you everything you need to know about the game, including all the important moves and strategies to start off strong and keep you thinking several steps ahead. Full of Levy Rozmans signature charm and humor that have made him beloved by millions of fans, the first half of this unique guide introduces rising players (0-800 Elo rating) to the four key areas to consider when playing chess–openings, endings, tactics, and strategy–and the second half builds upon these core skills for more experienced players (800-1300 Elo rating). Brimming with practical and easy-to-follow tips for improving your game, How to Win at Chess includes over 500 instructional gameplay illustrations to help you better visualize the board, as well as chapter-specific QR codes for exclusive bonus content on Chessly, Rozmans teaching platform. Whether you want to become a recreational chess player or are training to be a Grandmaster, How to Win at Chess is the perfect interactive introduction to the world of chess!

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