Download Karl Lagerfeld PDF by Alfons Kaiser

Karl Lagerfeld PDF by Alfons Kaiser

Karl Lagerfeld: A Book

Download the book Karl Lagerfeld PDF, written by author Alfons Kaiser and published by Thames and Hudson Ltd on October 12, 2023, in PDF and ePUB formats, comprising 384 pages.

Title:Karl Lagerfeld: A Life in Fashion
Author:Alfons Kaiser
Publication:Thames and Hudson Ltd
Publication date:12 October 2023
Total Pages:384
Document type:PDF
File Size3.6 MB
Karl Lagerfeld by Alfons Kaiser’s book information.

About the book

A Financial Times Book of the Year: the definitive story of fashion’s most enigmatic icon. Karl Lagerfeld lived a very public life. He shaped the Chanel and Fendi brands for decades, and his wit and wisdom amused and informed the world. Yet despite a massively public persona, his hinterland remained unknown. What is the truth behind this larger-than-life but enigmatic figure? The journalist and fashion specialist Alfons Kaiser met Lagerfeld on numerous occasions. He has now written the first authoritative biography on this fascinating character, whose life has always been marked by elements of secrecy. From his parents’ links with the Nazi regime to Lagerfeld’s last days in the company of only his closest friends, this book – the result of unprecedented archival and field work – divulges all the facets of a passionate artist and workaholic: the precocious boy who preferred to draw in the attic rather than play with his peers; the son who quarrelled with his parents but never got away from them; the competitor of Yves Saint Laurent, whom he outshone in the end; the brother, uncle, friend; and finally, the partner of Jacques de Bascher, the great love of his life.

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