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Keeping My Bride PDF Book Summary

At the beginning of the story, the characters were between the ages of 8 and 12 years old. A few days ago, Verona met Dante, whose parents were killed for being traders (something like that). The parents of Verona raised Dante as their own. The party was a great way for Verona to meet her friend Luca. When she saw Luca approaching her, he screamed at her, telling her that his family does not deal with hers. After that, they didn’t see each other again.

Several years later, we discover that her mother took pills & drowned herself in a pool in order to commit suicide. Her mom was already dead when Verona found her and almost drowned trying to save her. Her aunt sent her away to live with her frugal aunt after she was sent away to study. Luca’s mom was murdered & he also found her. Their feud continued until their grandparents passed and they left a will that both Verona & Luca get married in order to inherit from each other. Luca & his family believed it was Moretti (Verona’s family).

The couple got married & she brought her best friend Dante with her as a bodyguard. So this part wasn’t bad. One thing that was very annoying about Luca was that everything he said or did make her cry! Whenever he talked & treated her like crap, she would just cry & try again to be the perfect wife. A twist occurs towards the end, and I kind of suspect it. In this tale, two rival families are joined by a twist that nearly makes it a Romeo and Juliet story. Wed rather than prohibited from being together, they are forced to come together and wed.

It is only later that they come to realize that they are like individuals and are meant to be together in the end. The word choices and descriptions make this a page-turner! There is perpetual darkness throughout the story that adds to the enjoyment. The characters were wonderfully crafted, and their journey was enjoyable. The book was mostly about a couple.

The book was about a forced marriage that neither wanted, and there were things happening in the background. In one case, they were accepting and would make the most of it, while in the other, they weren’t interested. There were many misunderstandings, hurt feelings, and stubbornness as a result of this. It is highly recommended to anyone who enjoys well-written books and feisty main characters.

Details of Keeping My Bride PDF by Angela Snyder

Book NameKeeping My Bride
AuthorAngela Snyder
GenreThrillers & Suspense
Pages328 Pages
PublisherIndependently published
Release Date8 August 2021
File TypePDF & EPUB

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Angela Snyder is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author. Growing up in a small Pennsylvania town, Angela developed a passion for reading and writing stories. Having lived with a vampire all her life, she recently decided to live out her lifelong dream by publishing Vampire Next Door in 2013. Her husband and Golden Retriever live in a smaller town even further north in Pennsylvania.

The New York Times bestseller list included her standalone debut novel, Vampire Next Door, in the paranormal romance anthology Wicked After Dark, published in October 2015. She ranked #64 on USA Today’s Best Sellers List for her novel, Devious, included in the romantic suspense anthology, Wanted: An Outlaw Anthology. With her newest release, Keeping My Bride, Angela continues to top Amazon’s bestseller charts.

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