Download Leadership Strategy and Tactics PDF by Jocko Willink

Leadership Strategy and Tactics PDF by Jocko Willink

Leadership Strategy and Tactics: A Book

Download the book Leadership Strategy and Tactics PDF, written by author Jocko Willink and published by St. Martin on October 03, 2023, in both PDF and ePUB formats, comprising 352 pages.

Title:Leadership Strategy and Tactics: Field Manual Expanded Edition
Author:Jocko Willink
Publication:St. Martin
Publication date:3 October 2023
Total Pages:352
Document type:PDF
File Size:3.7 MB
Leadership Strategy and Tactics by Jocko Willink book information.

About the book

As seen on MasterClass! The instant New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today bestseller answers the worlds most complex question: How do you lead? Leadership is the most challenging of human endeavors. It is often misunderstood. It can bewilder, mystify, and frustrate even the most dedicated practitioners. Leaders at all levels are often forced to use theoretical guesswork to make decisions and lead their troops. IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THAT WAY. There are principles that can be applied and tenets that can be followed. There are skills that can be learned and maneuvers that can be practiced and executed. There are leadership strategies and tactics that have been tested and proven on the battlefield, in business, and in life. Retired U.S. Navy SEAL officer Jocko Willink delivers his powerful and pragmatic leadership methodology, which teaches how to lead any team in any situation to victory. This new expanded edition contains a protocol to develop and hone critical decision-making instincts and make them habitual.

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