Make America Healthy Again PDF by Nicole Saphier M.D.

Make America Healthy Again PDF by Nicole Saphier M.D.

Make America Healthy Again: A Book

Download the book Make America Healthy Again PDF, written by author Nicole Saphier M.D. and published by Broadside Books on April 21, 2020, in both PDF and ePUB formats, comprising 288 pages.

Title:Make America Healthy Again
Author:Nicole Saphier M.D.
Publication:Broadside Books
Publication date:April 21, 2020
Total Pages:288
Document type:PDF
File Size:8 MB
Make America Healthy Again by Nicole Saphier M.D. book information.

About the book

In Make America Healthy Again, Nicole Saphier, a Memorial Sloan Kettering physician, nationally recognized patient advocate, and media personality, reveals how individual negligence and big government incompetence have destroyed America’s health care system. Combining historical events, economic trends, and essential lifestyle advice, with her unique perspective, she offers concrete solutions to address this epic problem.

We don’t need socialized medicine—we need to take better care of ourselves. By getting healthier and adopting preventative measures, Saphier believes, we can reduce the astronomical costs of treatment and improve overall care. The only way to lower medical costs for everyone is to stop incentivizing bad health decisions. Policies such as the Affordable Care Act and single-payer plans ignore something crucial to lowering the overall financial burden: personal responsibility. We can no longer expect doctors and the government to fix illnesses we have the power to prevent. Regardless of which health policy is adopted, our nation will flounder unless we take action. It is up to the American people to make America healthy again.

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