My Wisdom Book PDF

My Wisdom Book PDF

My Wisdom Book PDF: In this post, we will provide the My Wisdom book written by Swami Mukundananda. So you can downloadit in the English language. This book was published by Red Panda. Stay tuned to this post and let’s enjoy it.

My Wisdom Book PDF

My Wisdom Book by Swami Mukundananda is packed with 75 Sanskrit and Hindi verses, including transliterations in English, explanations, and beautiful illustrations. The book contains shlokas for daily activities—waking up, taking a bath, partaking in a meal, before studying, and while going to bed.

This simple methodology of chanting suitable mantras is the easiest way to pass on the Indian way of thinking to the young ones. It contains a precious collection of wisdom nuggets for important virtues, like kindness, respect, integrity, perseverance, accountability, love, and humbleness.

Each shloka, mantra, bhajan, and wisdom nugget is in the original Devanagari script, alongside its English transliteration and meaning. This makes the book universally readable by people from around the world.

Indian culture is known for its philosophical scriptures, noble ideals, divine chants, and holy rituals that are highly revered by scholars around the world. Yet, with growing materialism and individualism in society, Indian parents are experiencing a cultural crisis deeper than ever before. They are struggling to impart the values and beliefs their children need for a good life.

This book is intended as a handy book for adults to introduce the best of Indian traditions to young ones. It serves as a one-stop guide for mantras, shlokas, wisdom nuggets, and bhajans. These can be memorized, used for prayer and chanting, or used for guidance and inspiration. This is a great book for one and all. Every single transaction has been thought upon deeply and written.

This book contains knowledge that no school or college can teach. In this modern world, we are all stressed out. Even students are suffering from depression. However, ‘My Wisdom Book’ has marvelous knowledge. By chanting these mantras throughout the day, we can definitely experience unsurpassed calmness of mind. This is the key to leading a stress-free life.

About My Wisdom Swami Mukundananda Book PDF

Book Name:My Wisdom Book: Everyday Shlokas, Mantras, Bhajans, and More
Author:Swami Mukundananda
Genre:Children & Young Adults
Pages:120 Pages
Publisher:Red Panda
Release Date:18 October 2021

Swami Mukundananda is a global spiritual leader, the authority on mind management, a thought leader, a Vedic scholar, and a bhakti saint. He is the founder of the non-profit organization JKYog. He graduated from the most prestigious institutes in the world, IIT and IIM. In Cuttack, Odisha, on a 100-acre campus, he has established the biggest naturopathy and yoga hospital in eastern India and also a charitable allopathic hospital for villagers.

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