Download One Dark Window PDF by Rachel Gillig

One Dark Window PDF by Rachel Gillig

One Dark Window: A Book

Download the book One Dark Window PDF, written by author Rachel Gillig and published by Orbit on September 27, 2022, in both PDF and ePUB formats, comprising 432 pages.

Title:One Dark Window
Author:Rachel Gillig
Publication date:27 September 2022
Total Pages:432
Document type:PDF
File Size:6.5 MB
One Dark Window by Rachel Gillig book information.

About the book

In the novel, we learn the story of Elspeth, the mysterious “presence” in her head, which the girl calls the Nightmare, and Ravyn, who should be her fiercest enemy but turns out to be her greatest ally. I do not want to describe the plot here, which can be read on LC or the book cover. Instead, I want to say that the book totally bought me, enchanted me with a dark and a little gothic atmosphere, a fresh idea about the magic system, and the fact that there is always a high price to pay for magic. In addition, here we have mysteries that we discover together with the heroine, danger, and fog that clouds the senses and leads the unfortunate who enter it without the right talisman to perdition and death. But what moved me most in this story was the relationships between the characters – and I don’t just mean the main ones, but all of them. There is, of course, a romance here, which becomes more important over the course of the story, but it doesn’t determine the plot, although it is extremely important.

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