Pedagogy And Child Development by Prateek Shivalik Book PDF

Pedagogy And Child Development By Prateek Shivalik PDF

Pedagogy And Child Development by Prateek Shivalik Book PDF Free Download: In this post, we are providing the Pedagogy And Child Development book by Prateek Shivalik. So you can easily download it in the English language. This book was published by Penguin Allen Lane.

Pedagogy And Child Development by Prateek Shivalik Book PDF

Pedagogy And Child Development By Prateek Shivalik is one of the best books for any competitive exams related to the teaching field. The lucid and easy way of explaining with solved questions after every chapter makes the book unique. Highly recommended for teacher eligibility exams.

The topics and MCQ covered in this book are most important for every level of teaching exam and can be used for Primary Teachers, Trained and Post Graduate Teachers as well. Every single word of theory and all questions has been personally selected by Prateek Shivalik sir to put in the book and that’s what is the secret reason for the awesomeness of the content quality of this book.

Anyone who is preparing for teaching-related exams should go for this book and the previous year’s MCQs on every topic are given at the end of the chapter. This book is an amazing compilation of what’s all that is needed for learning pedagogy. The author has put a tremendous effort into penning down the exact points which are required. The author’s theories given in the book are crisp and to the point.

Salient features of this book:

  • Covers the most important topics of Pedagogy And Child Development
  • Topicwise Concepts With Previous Year Questions
  • More than 1100, Topicwise MCQ Practice Set
  • Detail Explanation of all Theoretical Concepts
  • Also, Include the National Policy of Education 2020

Prateek Shivalik Notes Contents

  • Basics of Child Development 1
  • Stages of Child Development 8
  • Heredity and Environment 12
  • Socialization of Child 19
  • Principles of Child Development 26
  • Why Study Child Development 33
  • Piaget’s Theory-Basics 37
  • Piaget’s Theory-Stages 44
  • P1agets Theory- Education & Criticism 52
  • Vygotsky’s Theory-Basics 56
  • Vygotsky’s Theory-ZPD and Scaffolding 61
  • Vygotsky’s Theory-Education & Criticism 66
  • Language and Its Development 71
  • Language and Thinking 79
  • Kohlberg’s Theory 88
  • Emotional Development 99
  • Intelligence and Individual Difference 108
  • Intelligence-Gardner’s Theory 118
  • Learning and Its Characteristics 126
  • National Curriculum Framework 2005 134
  • Constructivism 143
  • Child-Centered Education 150
  • Progressive Education 156
  • Errors of Learners 163
  • Effective Teaching and Learning 170
  • Bandura’s Theory 178
  • Bloom’s Taxonomy 188
  • Thinking and Reasoning 193
  • Problem-Solving 201
  • Motivation-Definition, Intrinsic & Extrinsic 207
  • Motivation-More Types & Theories 215
  • Inclusive Education; Basic Philosophy 226
  • Inclusive Education; Handling Diversity 235
  • Gender 246
  • Gifted Students 259
  • Disabilities; Basic Concepts 268
  • Disabilities; Learning and Educational 275
  • Disabilities; Sensory, Speech, Physical & Emotional 283
  • Assessment; Need and Purpose 295
  • Assessment; CCE Formative and Summative 304
  • Assessment of, for, as, in Learning314
  • Assessment Tools and Techniques 321
  • Answer Key 331

About Prateek Shivalik CDP Book PDF

Book NamePedagogy And Child Development
AuthorPrateek Shivalik
GenreExam Preparation
Pages570 Pages
PublisherInvincible Publishers
Release Date4 February 2022

Prateek Shivalik is the most famous Teacher Trainer from Delhi. He is working in the field of Teacher Training for the past eight years. Students even come from South India to study with him. He has trained more than thousands of teachers so far. He is so successful in Kendriya Vidyalaya Teaching Exam and Interview Preparation that you will find at least one teacher in every Kendriya Vidyalaya o India who was once a student of theirs.

Test Series created by him are known for their quality and are rated the best in India by the students. His students have scored perfect 60/60 marks (100% score) in KVSS Interview. His students have also got Ist and 2nd ranks in DSSSB Exam, He himself has scored All India Rank 4 in KVS, All India Rank 3 in DSSSB, and is 7 Times CTET Topper. You can find him on Telegram and YouTube as well.

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