Protect Your Peace PDF by Trent Shelton

Protect Your Peace PDF by Trent Shelton

Protect Your Peace: A Book

Download the book Protect Your Peace PDF, written by author Trent Shelton and published by Hay House on March 5, 2024, in both PDF and ePUB formats, comprising 216 pages.

Title:Protect Your Peace
Author:Trent Shelton
Publication:Hay House
Publication date:March 5, 2024
Total Pages:216
Document type:PDF
File Size:17 MB
Protect Your Peace by Trent Shelton book information.

About the book

Trent Shelton, one of the most groundbreaking and dynamic teachers of our time, wants to help you chart your path to a new perspective. Protect Your Peace offers tools to reshape your mindset and redefine the meaning you find in your life—tools that he knows can work for you, because he has used them himself to transform his own life.

In these pages, Trent outlines nine essential principles to help you:

Protect your energy from the things that drain it
Protect your mind from the things that distract you
Protect your soul from the things that don’t fulfill you

You’ll learn simple strategies for setting clear boundaries, disconnecting from negativity, honing your vision and your focus, and bringing your life into alignment with your true power and purpose—with Trent as your straight-talking, profoundly inspiring guide who’s with you every step of the way.

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