Download Quantum Supremacy PDF by Michio Kaku

Download Quantum Supremacy PDF by Michio Kaku

Quantum Supremacy: A Book

Download the book Quantum Supremacy PDF, written by author Michio Kaku and published by Doubleday on May 02, 2023, in both PDF and ePUB formats, comprising 352 pages.

Title:Quantum Supremacy
Author:Michio Kaku
Publication date:2 May 2023
Total Pages:352
Document type:PDF
File Size:4.5 MB
Quantum Supremacy by Michio Kaku book information.

About the book

This is an excellent book for explaining all the problems that the human race faces, from energy to disease to climate, that might be solved with future quantum computers. This is done in terms that the layperson can fully understand. However, except for broad generalizations, there is very little about the science of quantum computers, how they work, or the reasons for their supremacy over classical computers.

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