Rogue PDF by Onley James

Rogue PDF by Onley James

Rogue: A Book

Download the book Rogue PDF, written by author Onley James and published by Digital Kindle on February 29, 2024, in both PDF and ePUB formats, comprising 420 pages.

Author:Onley James
Publication:Digital Kindle
Publication date:February 29, 2024
Total Pages:420
Document type:PDF
File Size:1 MB
Rogue by Onley James book information.

About the book

Levi Akira’s existence is far from ideal. His mother’s addiction consumes their lives, his academic standing is crumbling, and the convenience store he works at is a constant target for ruthless robberies. But amidst the chaos, Levi finds solace in only three things: his tight-knit group of friends, protecting his neighborhood as one of Jericho’s Boys, and streaming his favorite video game, where he assumes the role of Rogue—a hero who will break the rules for the greater good.

Shiloh Mizrahi’s hope has all but dwindled. With one brother unjustly imprisoned, and the other a sadistic puppeteer, he endures daily torment at the hands of the latter. And his latest demand? Get close to Levi at any cost.

In the midst of another ordinary night shift, Levi’s world is upended when a captivating and terrified stranger appears, brandishing a weapon and claiming he has been forced to kill Levi by his own brother. Levi, torn between self-preservation and an instinctive aversion to harming the vulnerable boy, takes a bold leap—he kisses him. And then, just like that, the boy disappears into the night, leaving Levi haunted by his memory.

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