Savarkar A Contested Legacy PDF Free Download

Savarkar A Contested Legacy PDF

Savarkar by Vikram Sampath Book PDF: Hello friends, In this post, we will provide Savarkar A Contested Legacy byVikram Sampath. So you can download it in the English language. This book was published by Penguin Viking. Stay tuned to this post and let’s enjoy it.

Savarkar by Vikram Sampath Books PDF

In this concluding volume of the Savarkas series, historian Vikram Sampath brings to light the life and works of Vinayak Damodar Savarkar, one of the most contentious political thinkers and leaders of the twentieth century. Vikram Sampath’s Savarkar is a major achievement. Rooted in wide-ranging research, but also very easy to read, it brings to life the world and the ideas of a revolutionary Hindu who did much to shape modern India.

In the concluding volume of his path-breaking biography, Vikram Sampath shows us the world-shaping events culminating in the independence and partition of India through Savarkar’s eyes. The perspective is both novel and sobering, and the picture he presents of Savarkar picking his way through the debris of history is a vivid and compelling one.

The mere mention of Vinayak Damodar Savarkar raises blood pressure, even today. To be better informed about the man, his times, and his legacy, there is only one biographer one can think of. That happens to be Vikram Sampath. The quality of writing and research in the first volume made every reader wait expectantly for the second. As careful and meticulous as in the first, Vikram doesn’t disappoint with this concluding volume.

Vikram Sampath has now completed his monumental biography of Vinayak Damodar Savarkar. His mastery over the sources, his painstaking effort to bring balance to the narrative, and the extent of his coverage of the praise and the criticism of Savarkar by other people make this one of the best biographies of any of the political giants of the first generation of freedom fighters. Whatever your political views, read this book as a fine piece of historical writing.

The two-volume series titled Savarkar: Echoes from a Forgotten Past on the life of Veer Savarkar is a valuable addition by Vikram Sampath to existing literature. It documents the contributions of one of the greatest heroes of India’s struggle for Independence. Savarkar’s life is the epitome of the extent to which men will determine his life.

Despite enduring unconscionable sufferings at the hands of the colonial masters, his zeal to fight for the independence of his motherland did not get hindered. His contributions to shaping the India of today are cross-sectoral. From social issues to cultural ones, Savarkar’s imprints are omnipresent.

About Vikram Sampath Savarkar PDF

Book Name:Savarkar A Contested Legacy
Author:Vikram Sampath
Pages:712 Pages
Publisher:Penguin Viking
Release Date:26 July 2021

Vikram Sampath, a Bangalore-based historian, is the author of four acclaimed books, Splendours of Royal Mysore: the Untold Story of The Wodeyars, My Name Is Gauhar Jaan: The Life and Times of a Musician and Voice of the Veena, S. Balachander: A Biography and Savarkar: Echoes From A Forgotten Past, 1883-1924.

Vikram has a doctorate in history and music from the University of Queensland, Australia, and is a former senior fellow at the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library, New Delhi. An engineer & mathematician from BITS-Pilani and an MBA in finance from S.P. Jain Institute of Management, Mumbai, he is also a trained Carnatic vocalist.

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