Download Scaling People PDF by Claire Hughes Johnson

Scaling People PDF by Claire Hughes Johnson

Scaling People: A Book

Download the book Scaling People PDF, written by author Hughes Johnson and published by Stripe Press on March 07, 2023, in both PDF and ePUB formats, comprising 480 pages.

Title:Scaling People
Author:Hughes Johnson
Publication:Stripe Press
Publication date:7 March 2023
Total Pages:480
Document type:PDF
File Size:9 MB
Scaling People by Hughes Johnson book information.

About the book

This book delivers on the promise of its title. It is well-written and designed. I liked the QR codes the reader can scan to read through articles referenced on a page. As the title suggests, it is a management and company building handbook. The author uses her experience at Google and Stripe to tell stories and share examples. I think this book’s strength is that it does not overgeneralize. It goes into sufficient depth to expose the plumbing of a well-run organization. You should not consider this book if you prefer poetry or platitudes on the virtues of leadership. It is a down-to-earth handbook on what it takes to run a professional organization.

This book is about operating systems on people management and leadership to grow equitable and fair organizations. I liked that the author takes a systems perspective. The author shares examples of leadership actions through her experiences and leadership quotes from people and books that have influenced her thinking. But what makes the book stand out is its thoroughness. As I read through the book, I would often wonder, “But then what about?” and then the book delivered by offering a systemic take on how organizations can counter-balance people and systems’ tendencies to skew.

One way to use this book is to consider it an architectural blueprint for organizing people management systems. The book focuses on hierarchical organizations, the dominant structure for most companies. People managers in these organizations may feel compartmentalized and caught up in the day-to-day. I strongly recommend this book to people managers to understand systems that influence their people and their behavior. It will help you to drive change and break from set managerial routines. Overall, the book also applies to legacy organizations that want to outgrow their past.

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