Download She is the Sun PDF by Niccole Salm

She is the Sun PDF by Niccole Salm

She is the Sun: A Book

Download the book She is the Sun PDF, written by author Niccole Salm and published by Independently on January 24, 2021, in both PDF and ePUB formats, comprising 150 pages.

Title:She is the Sun
Author:Niccole Salm
Publication date:24 January 2021
Total Pages:150
Document type:PDF
File Size:0,7 MB
She is the Sun by Niccole Salm book information.

About the book

This collection of poetry is about power, resilience, overcoming hard times, and unleashing the chains we put on ourselves. These are stories of realizations, heartache, family trauma, healing, blooming love, and finding meaning. In my life I’ve learned that through the dark times, we must be our own source of light. We have to bring our own sunshine on a cloudy day. We must find ourselves and know our truth in order to learn our purpose. Stories of Heartache – These are the times when we feel broken. This shattering feeling comes from family trauma, bad relationships, mental illness, and the weight of the world on our shoulders. When we experience overwhelming sadness, it can feel like we are isolated in our emotions. Although it can seem lonely at times, we all go through hardships. No matter how different we may be. Stories of Hope – These are the moments where we feel like we’re healing.

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