Download Silent Lies PDF by Neva Altaj

Silent Lies PDF by Neva Altaj

Silent Lies: A Book

Download the book Silent Lies PDF, written by author Neva Altaj and published by Kindle on October 25, 2023, in both PDF and ePUB formats, comprising 312 pages.

Title:Silent Lies
Author:Neva Altaj
Publication date:25 October 2023
Total Pages:31
Document type:PDF
File Size:2.4 MB
Silent Lies by Neva Altaj book information.

About the book

Drago was around quite a bit in the last story. He’s not from a mafia family but he is the head of a crime organisation that runs jewels, guns and drugs. He’s known to be just as dangerous and lethal as the mafia men he deals with.

Sienna is the daughter of a New York Cosa Nostra capo. While her parents are gone her older brother now holds that role. She was seen a bit in Asya and Paval’s story as she’s Asya’s sister. She seems to be the typical mafia princess who spends her days shopping and sharing on social media.

There is a whole lot more to both Drago and Asya and when the two are thrown together there are plenty of sparks. Beyond that though is plenty of drama and emotional moments with a lot of passion in both the bedroom and finding their way to each other’s secrets.

Neva keeps laying breadcrumbs for upcoming books and I hope she never runs out of these stories.
When the Don of the New York Cosa Nostra calls Sienna to his office she doesn’t expect him to tell her he’s going to offer her up for an arranged marriage. She can’t deny all the things that Salvatore points out to her are true but she didn’t picture this for herself. Especially since he expects her to be a spy.

Drago cut off his deals with the New York Don after one of his capo’s went rogue and it caused the death of one of his men. He’s sure that Salvatore is up to more than giving him a bride and he’s not in the least interested in the idea. But with his upcoming plans his second convinces him it might not be the worst idea and once he meets her, she sparks his interest and he can’t see himself walking away.

Sienna didn’t expect Drago and his family. They work very differently to the Cosa Nostra and despite they have been her family and part of her life since she was born she’s never quite felt like she fit. In Drago’s home, meeting his people and family she feels for the first time that she belongs and her betrayal feels wrong and she’s conflicted by her loyalty to her family and Drago’s.

Sienna is nothing like Drago expects. She shows people one side of herself but there is a lot more behind her eyes that no one bothers to look into. Drago knows that his little wife is probably a spy and if it were anyone else things would be very different.

With all their secrets out the connection that was there the moment they meant only becomes more intense and their bond unbreakable. With Drago’s competition on the warpath the whole family is in danger and Drago isn’t willing to lose anyone again, but if anything were to happen to the man Sienna is falling in love with it could be the thing that finally breaks her.

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