Stay Curious and Keep Exploring PDF by Emily Calandrelli

Stay Curious and Keep Exploring PDF by Emily Calandrelli

Stay Curious and Keep Exploring: A Book

Download the book Stay Curious and Keep Exploring PDF, written by author Emily Calandrelli and published by Chronicle Prism on March 05, 2024, in both PDF and ePUB formats, comprising 176 pages.

Title:Stay Curious and Keep Exploring
Author:Emily Calandrelli
Publication:Chronicle Prism
Publication date:March 05, 2024
Total Pages:176
Document type:PDF
File Size:6 MB
Stay Curious and Keep Exploring by Emily Calandrelli book information.

About the book

EVERYONE LOVES EMILY: Common Sense Media calls Emily Calandrelli “the science teacher we all wish we had as young kids.” And Bill Nye the Science Guy celebrated the first Stay Curious book with these words: “Here are 50, count ’em, 50 home experiments you can count on. Each is a crowd, or home experimenter, pleaser. Emily wrote this book for kids of all ages, and it’s full of references to women who changed the world—with science. It doesn’t matter where you start—be curious; open to any page; take some notes; Emily will keep you exploring.” This new volume features 50 brand-new experiments to keep the fun and learning going.

GREAT FOR SCIENCE FAIR & HOMESCHOOL CURRICULUM: A must-have for parents and homeschool educators! Colorful illustrations accompany every experiment, along with instructions and materials you’ll need to get started, sections to record notes, and real-life examples connecting your STEAM experiment to the world around you. There are also fascinating facts about important people to know in science history.

GIFT FOR SCIENCE KIDS & NON-SCIENCE KIDS: With experiments that use supplies that can be easily found at home or online, this book makes a fantastic gift for parents, kids, clubs, schools, and teachers for events from playdates and birthday parties to rainy-day indoor activities.

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