Download The Complete Air Fryer Cookbook PDF by Dom Milner

The Complete Air Fryer Cookbook PDF by Dom Milner

The Complete Air Fryer Cookbook: A Book

Download the book The Complete Air Fryer Cookbook PDF, written by author Dom & Sam Milner and published by White Lion on September 21, 2023, in both PDF and ePUB formats, comprising 224 pages.

Title:The Complete Air Fryer Cookbook
Author:Dom Milner, Sam Milner
Publication:White Lion
Publication date:21 September 2023
Total Pages:224
Document type:PDF
File Size:18.1 MB
The Complete Air Fryer Cookbook by Dom Milner book information.

About the book

This cookbook is great for someone who wants to learn to make more in the air fryer but needs a bit of help. There are a lot of words and general words of guidance but I found reading it helpful since I was new to air fryers. The directions are clear and well presented giving it a nice clean look. I also like the variety of different recipes from side dishes to breakfast and lunch and vegetarian options. One thing I wasn’t crazy about was the lack of alternate options. Although that isn’t typical for recipes, I would have liked to see that since air fryers are a unique product. For example, I don’t eat seafood and my husband isn’t crazy about vegetarian meals so it kind of limited the recipes that we could make together. What I would have loved to see would be a little footnote giving directions to add some meat to the meal or a way to swap the seafood for red meat. Since I am not good at the air fryer, I felt as though it was a lot of work to try to find out how to cook the alternative and then how to incorporate it into the recipe. Might be nitpicking but that would have made this recipe book amazing.

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