The House of Hidden Meanings PDF by RuPaul

The House of Hidden Meanings PDF by RuPaul

The House of Hidden Meanings: A Book

Download the book The House of Hidden Meanings PDF, written by author RuPaul and published by Dey Street Books on March 5, 2024, in both PDF and ePUB formats, comprising 256 pages.

Title:The House of Hidden Meanings
Publication:Dey Street Books
Publication date:March 5, 2024
Total Pages:256
Document type:PDF
File Size:16 MB
The House of Hidden Meanings by RuPaul book information.

About the book

In The House of Hidden Meanings, RuPaul strips away all artifice and recounts the story of his life with breathtaking clarity and tenderness, bringing his signature wisdom and wit to his own biography. From his early years growing up as a queer Black kid in San Diego navigating complex relationships with his absent father and temperamental mother, to forging an identity in the punk and drag scenes of Atlanta and New York, to finding enduring love with his husband Georges LeBar and self-acceptance in sobriety, RuPaul excavates his own biography life-story, uncovering new truths and insights in his personal history.

Here in RuPaul’s singular and extraordinary story is a manual for living—a personal philosophy that testifies to the value of chosen family, the importance of harnessing what makes you different, and the transformational power of facing yourself fearlessly.

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