The Revenge Agenda PDF by Saxon James

The Revenge Agenda PDF by Saxon James

The Revenge Agenda: A Book

Download the book The Revenge Agenda PDF, written by author Saxon James and published by May Books on February 26, 2024, in both PDF and ePUB formats, comprising 336 pages.

Title:The Revenge Agenda
Author:Saxon James
Publication:May Books
Publication date:February 26, 2024
Total Pages:336
Document type:PDF
File Size:4.8 MB
The Revenge Agenda by Saxon James book information.

About the book


When I show up to surprise my boyfriend in a barely-there festive outfit, I’m expecting him to be alone.

Not hosting family.

His fiancé’s family.

Down one boyfriend and up a lot of embarrassment, I flee with my tail between my legs. The broken heart will fade. My humiliation, not so much, but my saving grace is the fact that I never have to see either of them ever, ever again.


I never, in a million years, would have guessed the man hiding under his desk at work would be the one person I hoped to never see again.

My ex-fiancé’s side piece.

Apparently I can’t fire the guy because of personal issues, so I try to play nice, which is a whole lot harder to do when I find out my ex is still texting Rush. The same ex I haven’t heard from since I walked out on his begging.

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