The Sage with Two Horns PDF Free Download

The Sage with Two Horns PDF

The Sage with Two Horns PDF: In this post, we will provide The Sage with Two Horns book written by Sudha Murty. So you can download it in the English language. This book was published by Penguin. Stay tuned to this post and let’s enjoy it.

The Sage with Two Horns PDF

Have you heard of the king who sacrificed his own flesh to keep his word to a pigeon? Or about the throne that gives anyone who sits on it the unique ability to dispense justice! And how about the sculptor who managed to make magnificent statues with no hands at all? There’s something for everyone in this collection of tales of wisdom and wit!

From quarrels among gods and the follies of great sages to the benevolence of kings and the virtues of ordinary mortals, Sudha Murty spins fresh accounts of lesser-known stories in Indian mythology. Accompanied by fantastical illustrations and narrated in an unassuming fashion, The Sage with Two Horns is sure to delight fans of the beloved storyteller.

Contents from this book:


  1. The Mystery of Life and Death
  2. A Rainy Day
  3. The Boy with Eight Deformities
  4. The Order of a Guru
  5. The Animals That Spoke
  6. The Snake That Stole Earrings
  7. The Story of Agastya
  8. A Tale of Three Fathers


  1. The Fruit of Youth
  2. The Illusion of Life
  3. The Hands of Destiny
  4. The Wheel of Time


  1. A Beggar, a Dog, and a Bird
  2. How the Earth Turned into a Cow
  3. The Intelligent Python
  4. A Pigeon’s Weight
  5. The Sudarshan Chakra and the Sage


  1. A Star Is Born
  2. The Way You Look at It
  3. A Simple Life
  4. The Invincible Princes
  5. The Girl Who Wanted the Death Penalty
  6. The Indras Who Became the Pandavas
  7. The Lazy Philosopher
  8. The Mystery of the Identical Nose Rings


  1. The Man with No Hands
  2. The Case of the Unfinished Verse
  3. The Sage with Two Horns
  4. The Disappearing Steps
  5. The Baby with Three Heads
  6. The Son of Vishnu and Shiva
  7. The Most Important God of All
  8. You or You or You

About The Sage with Two Horns Book PDF

Book Name:The Sage with Two Horns: Unusual Tales From Mythology
Author:Sudha Murty
Genre:Children’s Book
Pages:216 Pages
Release Date:4 November 2021

Sudha Murty is an honorary trustee of the Infosys Foundation USA and also acts as a chairperson of the highly reputed Infosys Foundation. She fulfilled her graduation from the Indian Institute of Science located in Bangalore, with a degree in electrical engineering. Her career began with TELCO where she worked as a development engineer. She has also been associated with Bangalore University where she was a teacher of computer science She is a credible writer in both English and Kannada.

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