The Trading Game PDF by Gary Stevenson

The Trading Game PDF by Gary Stevenson

The Trading Game: A Book

Download the book The Trading Game PDF, written by author Gary Stevenson and published by Crown Currency on March 5, 2024, in both PDF and ePUB formats, comprising 352 pages.

Title:The Trading Game
Author:Gary Stevenson
Publication:Crown Currency
Publication date:March 5, 2024
Total Pages:352
Document type:PDF
File Size:6 MB
The Trading Game by Gary Stevenson book information.

About the book

If you were gonna rob a bank and you saw the vault door there, left open, what would you do? Would you wait around?

Ever since he was a kid, kicking broken soccer balls on the run-down streets of East London, Gary Stevenson dreamed of something bigger. As luck would have it, he was good at numbers.

At the London School of Economics, wearing tracksuits and sneakers, Stevenson shocked his posh classmates by winning a competition called “The Trading Game.” The prize?: a golden ticket to a new life, as the youngest trader at Citibank. A place where you could make more money than you’d ever imagined. Where your colleagues are dysfunctional geniuses and insecure bullies yet start to feel like family. Where against the odds you become the bank’s most profitable trader, closing deals worth nearly a trillion dollars. A day.

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