Thorns of Frost PDF by Krista Street

Thorns of Frost PDF by Krista Street

Thorns of Frost: A Book

Download the book Thorns of Frost PDF, written by author Krista Street and published by Midnight Press on October 20, 2023, in both PDF and ePUB formats, comprising 386 pages.

Title:Thorns of Frost
Author:Krista Street
Publication:Midnight Press
Publication date:October 20, 2023
Total Pages:386
Document type:PDF
File Size:8 MB
Thorns of Frost by Krista Street book information.

About the book

Being entered into the Rising Queen Trial is equivalent to death. If I win, I’ll marry my enemy. If I lose, I’ll marry another fae of the king’s choosing. Either way, my freedom is lost unless I find a way to escape.

Intent on fleeing, I train my new affinities and learn what’s needed to survive while pretending to vie for the throne. With my sister at my side, I know we’ll find a way to prevent my enslavement to the Court of Winter.

But the Crown Prince has other ideas. As Prince Norivun’s interest in me grows, I’m determined to avoid his allure, until he reveals sides of himself he’d kept hidden—sides that make me want to succumb to the innate need burning inside me.

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