Download Tidy First PDF by Kent Beck

Tidy First PDF by Kent Beck

Tidy First: A Book

Download the book Tidy First pdf, written by author Kent Beck and published by O’Reilly Media on November 28, 2023, in both PDF and ePUB formats, comprising 122 pages.

Title:Tidy First
Author:Kent Beck
Publication:O’Reilly Media
Publication date:28 November 2023
Total Pages:122
File Format:PDF
File Size3.6 MB
Tidy First by Kent Beck book information.

About the book

Messy code is a nuisance. “Tidying” code, to make it more readable, requires breaking it up into manageable sections. In this practical guide, author Kent Beck, creator of Extreme Programming and pioneer of software patterns, suggests when and where you might apply tidyings to improve your code while keeping the overall structure of the system in mind. Instead of trying to master tidying all at once, this book lets you try out a few examples that make sense for your problem. If you have a big function containing many lines of code, you’ll learn how to logically divide it into smaller chunks. Along the way, you’ll learn the theory behind software design: coupling, cohesion, discounted cash flows, and optionality.

This book helps you:

  • Understand the basic theory of how software design works and the forces that act on it
  • Explore the difference between changes to a system’s behavior and changes to its structure
  • Improve your programming experience by sometimes tidying first and sometimes tidying after
  • Learn how to make large changes in small, safe steps
  • Approach software design as an exercise in human relationships

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