Download Trick Shot PDF by Kayla Grosse

Trick Shot PDF by Kayla Grosse

Trick Shot: A Book

Download the book Trick Shot PDF, written by author Kayla Grosse and published by Amazon Kindle on November 01, 2023, in both PDF and ePUB formats, comprising 194 pages.

Title:Trick Shot: A Spicy Christmas Novella
Author:Kayla Grosse
Publication:Amazon Kindle
Publication date:1 November 2023
Total Pages:194
Document type:PDF
File Size:1.7 MB
Trick Shot by Kayla Grosse book information.

About the book

Leo is a twin to a famous hockey player, and with that comes some insecurities. So when he meets Riley and she mistakes him for his brother, at first he has no guilt in playing along. Then he takes her home where she meets Jace, Leo’s best friend and established lover. Their relationship is a bit complicated, and adding Riley to the mix brings feelings to the forefront. There isn’t much plot in this but I do love the glimpses we get of Jace and Leo being unable to deny how much they love each other, and the rapid pace insta love they both have for Riley. The spice in this is delicious and plentiful! If you are expecting a literature masterpiece, do not read this book. If you expect a smutty Christmas-themed story with super descriptive MMF scenes, then read this book. The spice was on point, there was character development sprinkled throughout. It was a perfect spicy novella.

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