Download Unreasonable Hospitality PDF by Will Guidara

Unreasonable Hospitality PDF by Will Guidara

Unreasonable Hospitality: A Book

Download the book Unreasonable Hospitality PDF, written by author Will Guidara and published by Optimism Press on October 25, 2022, in both PDF and ePUB formats, comprising 288 pages.

Title:Unreasonable Hospitality
Author:Will Guidara
Publication:Optimism Press
Publication date:25 October 2022
Total Pages:288
Document type:PDF
File Size:2.5 MB
Unreasonable Hospitality by Will Guidara book information.

About the book

How did Guidara pull off this unprecedented transformation? Radical reinvention, a true partnership between the kitchen and the dining room—and memorable, over-the-top, bespoke hospitality. Guidara’s team surprised a family who had never seen snow with a magical sledding trip to Central Park after their dinner; they filled a private dining room with sand, complete with mai-tais and beach chairs, to console a couple with a cancelled vacation. And his hospitality extended beyond those dining at the restaurant to his own team, who learned to deliver praise and criticism with intention; why the answer to some of the most pernicious business dilemmas is to give more—not less; and the magic that can happen when a busser starts thinking like an owner.

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