Ward Willing PDF by Amanda Richardson

Ward Willing PDF by Amanda Richardson

Ward Willing: A Book

Download the book Ward Willing PDF, written by author Amanda Richardson and published by Digital Kindle on February 19, 2024, in both PDF and ePUB formats, comprising 472 pages.

Title:Ward Willing
Author:Amanda Richardson
Publication:Digital Kindle
Publication date:February 19, 2024
Total Pages:472
Document type:PDF
File Size:6.7 MB
Ward Willing by Amanda Richardson book information.

About the book

Being the oldest Ravage brother means I’ve always been the fixer, handling everyone else’s mess.
But the one problem I can’t solve?
Keeping my hands off Zoe, my best friend’s daughter.
Hidden away in my remote cabin, writing is my escape until duty thrusts her into my life.
Over the years, Zoe evolves into a tempting taboo–the one person I crave but can never claim, despite what she tells me about her… inclinations.
I vowed protection at any cost–even if it’s from myself.

Orphaned and thrust into adulthood, I bury myself in school work and keep my eyes trained on the prize.
Now, with law school and an uncertain future looming, I’m used to doing everything myself and pushing back against Liam’s stoic, overprotective resolve.
Until I learn that the vanilla, cinnamon roll of a man I’ve known my whole life isn’t so vanilla after all.

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