We Who Wrestle with God PDF by Jordan B Peterson

We Who Wrestle with God PDF by Jordan B Peterson

We Who Wrestle with God: A Book

Download the book We Who Wrestle with God PDF, written by author Jordan B Peterson and published by Digital Kindle on November 19, 2024, in both PDF and ePUB formats, comprising 432 pages.

Title:We Who Wrestle with God
Author:Jordan B Peterson
Publication:Digital Kindle
Publication date:November 19, 2024
Total Pages:432
Document type:PDF
File Size:5.64 MB
We Who Wrestle with God by Jordan B Peterson book information.

About the book

In We Who Wrestle with God, Dr. Peterson guides us through the ancient, foundational stories of the Western world. In riveting detail, he analyzes the Biblical accounts of rebellion, sacrifice, suffering, and triumph that stabilize, inspire, and unite us culturally and psychologically. Adam and Eve and the eternal fall of mankind; the resentful and ultimately murderous war of Cain and Abel; the cataclysmic flood of Noah; the spectacular collapse of the Tower of Babel; Abraham’s terrible adventure; and the epic of Moses and the Israelites. What could such stories possibly mean? What force wrote and assembled them over the long centuries? How did they bring our spirits and the world together, and point us in the same direction?

It is time for us to understand such things, scientifically and spiritually; to become conscious of the structure of our souls and our societies; and to see ourselves and others as if for the first time.

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