Download When She Loves PDF by Gabrielle Sands

When She Loves PDF by Gabrielle Sands

When She Loves: A Book

Download the book When She Loves PDF, written by author Gabrielle Sands and published by Independently on December 11, 2023, in both PDF and ePUB formats, comprising 464 pages.

Title:When She Loves
Author:Gabrielle Sands
Publication date:11 December 2023
Total Pages:464
Document type:PDF
File Size:2.1 MB
When She Loves by Gabrielle Sands book information.

About the book

Another amazing mafia romance from Gabrielle Sands, absolutely devoured this one! It picks up right after book 3, Gemma leaves and Cleo sacrifices herself in her stead by marrying Rafaele, the powerful NY don who seems like a cold heartless bastard. This book includes marriage of convenience with a powerful possessive alpha mafia boss and I am here for it! This book gave me MAJOR early Cora Reilly vibes and I loved it! The control, the family expectations, the wedding and everything that follows was so much fun to read. Cleo does her best to resist Rafe and keep control over the situation whereas he thinks he’ll be able to tame the little spitfire daughter. The tension between them worked so well and I loved how their story also fit within the overall mafia plot of the Fallen. Mafia readers do not miss out! Especially if you liked previous books, you will absolutely love this one and devour it like I did!

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