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Why Not Me PDF

Why Not Me Book PDF: Hello friends, In this post, we will provide the Why Not Me book written by Anubhav Agarwal. So you can download it in the English language. This book was published by Kindle Store. Stay tuned to this post and let’s enjoy it.

Why Not Me Book PDF

The book “Why Not Me?” is based on the life story of the author. Where he speaks about his past relationship with Zoya. This book is a medicine for broken hearts. It is a relatable story and so much motivation. This helps you teach a lesson and prepare yours for the upcoming life.

It teaches us a lot of lessons and motivates us for facing every difficulty in our lives. It will also guide and help you in moving on and will generate a sense of self-love. It’s very beautifully written with all the genuine feelings of the author and of many people as well. The way of describing the story it’s really lovely.

It’s awesome. It’s a true story that the majority face but don’t know how to handle the situation. So many important life lessons you can learn from here. And the writing is so good, one can relate themself telling the same dialogues to their buddies.

It’s so hurting when our bond breaks with someone whom we loved so much. But we should accept that and move on in life—the best guide for healing people who go through heartbreak and some of these types of situations. Overall the story is fantastic. You will relate to yourself through the entire story.

  1. Life as it is
  2. Buckle up for the boards
  3. The First Conversation
  4. Half-left
  5. She’s Back!
  6. Number Exchanged, but not hearts
  7. Is this love?
  8. Will I never know what you sound like?
  9. Nothing like Home
  10. 24 May 2012
  11. I wish I could rewind
  12. The end of everything but love
  13. Time passes but hope stayed
  14. College, a new day
  15. Changes
  16. She’s coming closer
  17. It’s all about love
  18. My love, my life
  19. Eid ka Chand
  20. Time for a new era
  21. She had to
  22. Accident
  23. Friends eventually back together
  24. It isn’t something minor
  25. MRI scan
  26. Zoya’s first day at college
  27. Concerns
  28. Faces lit up!
  29. My world, my college
  30. Distances
  31. Deenanath’s lassi gave me a lesson for life
  32. The best gift ever
  33. Broken
  34. meeting her for the first time
  35. Consequences of loving too much
  36. Closure is always needed
  37. I write what you feel

Why Not Me by Anubhav Agarwal Books PDF Free Download

Book Name:Why Not Me?: A feeling of Millions
Author:Anubhav Agrawal
Pages:141 pages
Publisher:Kindle Store
Release Date:2021

Anubhav Agrawal is one of the topmost followed Indian writers and poets. He has 1 Million followers on Instagram and 3 million followers on all social media platforms.

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