Download Why We Did It PDF by Tim Miller

Why We Did It PDF by Tim Miller

Why We Did It: A Book

Download the book Why We Did It PDF, written by author Tim Miller and published by Harper on June 28, 2023, in both PDF and ePUB formats, comprising 288 pages.

Title:Why We Did It
Author:Tim Miller
Publication date:28 June 2023
Total Pages:288
Document type:PDF
File Size:2.1 MB
Why We Did It by Tim Miller book information.

About the book

Tim Miller’s, Why We Did It, could easily have been a somber read. After all, Mr. Miller is trying to help us understand, while he himself tries to understand, why so many people, largely in his Washington network, “decided to abet a man that they all understood to be a danger. A man who remains a fundamental threat to the very fabric of our democracy even after his defeat.” Fortunately, as he tells us early on, he tries always to remember that politics is “Veep, not House of Cards.” And, it’s true, Miller has a great ear for humor. Just the same, though, Why We Did It? falls far short of being an uplifting, morale-boosting read. How could it be otherwise?

Miller provides us with a range of vivid portraits of those who worked with Trump even when, as was more often the case than not, those who labored in the Trump factory had little, if any respect for the foreman. Needless to say, the thread that runs through Miller’s cast of characters is ambition. In a wonderful chapter on Elise Stefanik, he concludes that in “From Harvard to Congress”, Stefanik put “personal ambition first, and she wasn’t stopping now. Muslim Bans. Sexual assault apologetics. Attempting to make a former game show host an unelected autocrat by advancing fabricated conspiracies about our elections being fraudulent.” It’s worth noting that Ms. Stefanik has no regrets, at least as far as Miller can discern. “There were many paths available for her life. Deep down I suspect she’s happy” with the one she chose.

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