You Can Compound Book PDF Free Download

You Can Compound Book PDF

You Can Compound Book PDF is a complete guide for Investing in Stock Market written by Vivek Mashrani in the English language with 320 Pages. The purpose of this article is to provide you with a download link to the You Can Compound book so you can enjoy reading it for free.

You Can Compound Book PDF

The education system teaches us how to earn money by working hard, but does not teach us how to earn passive income and compound our hard-earned money effectively. A book called You Can Compound presents a step-by-step guide to learning, implementing, and refining the investing process. Stock market investments are covered in this book, along with strategies, frameworks, and secrets for compounding money.

Vivek Mashrani integrates principles of personal finance, building blocks for understanding businesses, buy-and-sell frameworks, and risk management into his ground-breaking book, You Can Compound. By combining business fundamentals and technical analysis principles, he has provided a unique perspective on these concepts.

This book is one of the very best in terms of understanding the concepts, processes, strategies, and methodology of investing. This book simplifies these concepts using TREE Analogy, MACHINE framework, and many other mnemonics to make it easy to understand by investors of any level. For investors who want to achieve financial freedom and take compounding to the next level, this book is a complete guide.

This book covers all the details- right from stock screening using financial criteria, stock picking, entry criteria, exit criteria, allocation, risk management, sizing, etc. Simple and easy-to-understand book is for people who want to start with investing especially from non-finance background and covers techno funda principal (Technical and Fundamental aspects while choosing stock).

The author has elaborated on various concepts and types of investments using stories and relatable characters who pose the same doubts as readers. He has also implied mnemonics like T.R.E.E and M.A.C.H.I.N.E alongside catchy analogies to drive the points across.

This book found the blending of fundamental and technical analysis which may give a true direction to gain in short- and long-term investments. Given logic, strategies, screening best stocks, way of compounding wealth, entry & exit timings, etc. seems will increase the probability of gaining from the stock market instead of losing.

About You Can Compound Vivek Mashrani PDF

Book NameYou Can Compound
AuthorVivek Mashrani
GenreBusiness & Finance
Pages320 Pages
PublisherPenman Books
Release Date19 May 2022
File TypePDF

Vivek Mashrani, CFA, is a Founder and Director at Technofunda Ventures based out of Ahmedabad, India. He is also creating a community for people to learn how to be better investors under the TechnoFunda Investing initiative. Previously, he was an AVP in the Investment Banking and Strategy teams at HSBC’s Bangalore and London offices. He is a CFA® charter holder and member of the CFA Society India, as well as a graduate of NMIMS, Mumbai, with a Master of Business Administration in Capital Markets.

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