You Only Live Once Book by Stuti Changle PDF Download

You Only Live Once PDF

You Only Live Once PDF by Stuti Changle: Hello friends, In this post, we will provide the You Only Live Once Book written by Stuti Changle. So you can download it in the English language. This book was published by Stuti Changle. Stay tuned to this post and let’s enjoy it.

You Only Live Once Book PDF

This is a fictional story that revolves around the story of three people Alara, Aarav, and Uncle Ricky who have different stories. Alara has the potential to deal with every situation in her life. She is in search of many unanswered questions of her life, she is in search of her world. Aarav knows his desire and wants to rock on his field.

He is running from his freaking 5-9 job and is searching for exploring his talent and passion for becoming a stand-up comedian. Ricky does know what the meaning of LOVE is. He has devoted his life to music and his one and only love of life- Elisha. These 3 characters merge in a point and this point goes in a straight line to find out the ultimate answer to their lives.

These are not only their stories but also all of us. We should have the capacity to face all the situations in our life. This book is a superb combination of passion, love, and friendship. A beautiful life-affirming story that would make you think, “You only live once?”

In every chapter, the story begins with quotes. The powerful quotes would change one’s way of thinking about life. It sets a great example for the youth to follow one’s passion, and true love, and live a life worthwhile. It inspires us to look beyond the tragedies of life. It is heart-touching and inspiring for all.

The quotes after each and every chapter are very much interesting and also depict the bitter truth of life just in one line. The story is full of hope, trust and patience, and the courage to persuade dreams. It gives numerous messages, is “Follow your passion” and “Listen to your heart and follow your inner calling”.

About You Only Live Once Book

Book Name:You Only Live Once
Author:Stuti Changle
Pages:164 pages
Publisher:Stuti Changle
Release Date:29 February 2020

Stuti Changle is the bestselling author of the much-loved books ‘On The Open Road’ and ‘You Only Live Once?’ who is on a mission to inspire the youth to make a move. She is also a popular speaker and made her TV debut in 2019 as a host of the TV Series ‘Kar Ke Dikhaenge.

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