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10x Is Easier Than 2x

Download the book 10x Is Easier Than 2x PDF, written by authors Dan Sullivan & Benjamin Hardy in both PDF and ePUB formats.

About the book

The book “10x Easier Than You Think: How the World’s Most Successful Entrepreneurs Think and Win” is a compelling read that masterfully delineates the art of strategic thinking for optimal outcomes. It underscores the concept that every decision we make comes with an opportunity cost, and how we can navigate these choices can significantly impact our lives. The book’s teachings will encourage you to shift your mindset from one of scarcity to one of abundance. It can be scary to plan for a 10x future but it’s easier because there are usually only one or two paths that get you there…. so in a way it brings a lot of clarity.

Title:10x Is Easier Than 2x
Author:Dan Sullivan & Benjamin Hardy
Total Pages:288
Document type:PDF/ePUB
File Size:13.4 MB

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