Download Brazen PDF by Julia Haart

Brazen PDF by Julia Haart

Brazen: A Book

Download the book Brazen PDF, written by author Julia Haart and published by Crown on April 12, 2023, in both PDF and ePUB formats, comprising 416 pages.

Author:Julia Haart
Publication date:12 Apeil 2023
Total Pages:416
Document type:PDF
File Size:26.2 MB
Brazen by Julia Haart book information.

About the book

This memoir really fills out the details you don’t see on Julia Haart’s Netflix reality show. Reading about the inner workings of a fundamentalist Jewish sect in New York from which Haart escaped at the age of 43 is a total page-turner. Her foray into fashion and business Is also engaging wild and pretty Incredible across continents and rubbing elbows with celebs while trying to maintain Shabbat at home in her community before she was able to escape. It’s a really unique take on the American Dream story and an inspiring tale of rising up over an oppressive repressive religion and culture Which keeps women down. A bold brazen read for sure !

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