Download Things I Should Have Said PDF by Jamie Lynn Spears

Things I Should Have Said PDF by Jamie Lynn Spears

Things I Should Have Said: A Book

Download the book Things I Should Have Said PDF, written by author Jamie Lynn Spears and published by Worthy on January 18, 2022, in both PDF and ePUB formats, comprising 240 pages.

Title:Things I Should Have Said
Author:Jamie Lynn Spears
Publication date:18 January 2022
Total Pages:240
Document type:PDF
File Size:1.6 MB
Things I Should Have Said by Jamie Lynn Spears book information.

About the book

A beautiful memoir that deepened my resolve to connect more strongly with my faith. Jamie Lynn is wise beyond her years, and she works daily to live a healthy, faith-based life with religion and family as her priorities. She’s emerged from dysfunction to stand on her own and done so with love and compassion. I’m super impressed by her story and know this is only the beginning of the beautiful life she will continue to lead and the great things she will continue to accomplish personally, professionally, and for others. God gave her a miracle in Maddie’s recovery, and she is 100% living her life to honor Him and fulfill her promises. I look forward to watching her continued evolution in the ways she is comfortable revealing.

The book tells the story of how she ended up acting and then later recording country music. It delves into her father’s alcoholism and her mother’s enabling. She speaks of her adjustment to becoming a single teen mother and the dysfunctional relationship with her first child’s father, which she tried so desperately to make work. She opened up about her anxiety, depression, and obsessive-compulsive disorder and how it affected her life as a young child into adulthood. She also shares details of the horrific accident which involved her daughter, Maddie. She is a phenomenal mother who is consciously making choices in raising her daughters that are intentionally different from how she was raised. She is always working on bettering herself and learning from her mistakes. She doesn’t claim to be perfect but does say she owns up to her mistakes and learns from them. She is extremely protective of her family, as she should be. She has spoken her truth and it was great to hear what she should have said. Take notice that most of the bad reviews are not verified purchases.

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