CN Shankar Rao Sociology PDF Free Download

CN Shankar Rao Sociology PDF

CN Shankar Rao Sociology PDF free download: We are excited to share with you the book “Sociology of Indian Society” written by C.N. Shankar Rao. It is widely used as reference material for students studying sociology at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The book covers the basic concepts and theories of sociology, as well as the various branches of the discipline, such as social stratification, social mobility, social change, rural-urban sociology, and many more.

It also includes case studies and examples to help students understand the concepts better. The book is considered to be a comprehensive guide for students preparing for the sociology exams and for anyone interested in understanding the complexities of human society.

CN Shankar Rao Sociology PDF

Currently, Sociology is a popular teaching subject both at the degree level and at the pre-degree level. As a result, sociology has become a very popular subject among college students. Nevertheless, these students find it difficult to bind comprehensive textbooks for use in their studies.

To help students gain an understanding of the fundamental concepts of sociology and to introduce them to its diverse field, this textbook has been comprehensively written. Throughout the book, students will learn about the history of sociology and pertinent topics such as inequality, institutions, control, change, disorganization & social problems.

To give a comprehensive understanding of the subject, topics such as applied sociology and social thought have been included. The textbook is intended to benefit undergraduate students of Sociology as well as postgraduate students and aspirants appearing for various competitive exams.

It is aimed primarily at sociology degree students at all six Karnataka Universities, who study one paper in common in their three-year degree program: the “Principles and Principles of Sociology” or “General Sociology” or “Principles and Principles of Sociology and Social Thought”. In this book, a wide range of topics is covered, making it a good textbook for students in Indian universities studying sociology. As it covers all the topics of their syllabus, this book is also helpful to the two-year Pre-University students of Karnataka.

In this book, there are 39 chapters, of which the last two discuss social thought and the other 35 deal with fundamental concepts and principles of sociology. Simple language is used to introduce the basic sociological concepts so that students will be able to grasp them without any difficulty.

Sociology is one of the optional subjects in UPSC or other state PSC examinations. This is a very comprehensive book that covers all major topics required for the preparation for the exam. CN Shankar Rao Sociology is a good book if you’re interested in the subject. In any other case, it would be a waste of time. This is not a book for casual knowledge seekers, but for students who are serious about learning.

About Sociology by CN Shankar Rao PDF

Book NameSociology
AuthorCN Shankar Rao
GenreSocial Sciences
Pages945 Pages
PublisherS Chand
Release Date1 January 2019
File TypePDF or EPUB

Many of the author’s references and ideas for this book have been drawn from the works of other writers, to whom he is extremely grateful. Throughout this book, quotes from various sociologists are profusely cited in an effort to convey the author’s objective explanation of sociological concepts. Since many of the ideas and descriptions in the book are not original, the author does not wish to claim any originality. However, he can say with humility that he has presented the matter as he sees it.

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