Download Cry, But Stay Strong PDF by Michael Tavon

Cry, But Stay Strong PDF by Michael Tavon

Download Cry, But Stay Strong written by Michael Tavon in PDF and EPUB format, and also read online for free as an eBook document.


Cry, but Stay Strong is a collection of poems from previously published from the years of 2016 to 2020. This collection features over 200 poems and proses personally selected by the author. If you are familiar with Tavon’s previous works, this will serve as a more focused and condensed version of his body of work for you. Cry, but Stay Strong will also be the perfect introduction to readers who are new to his work. Poems from: Nirvana: Pieces of Self-Healing vol.1 & 2, Songs for Each Mood vol.1 & 2, Young Heart Old Soul, The Pisces, and Dreaming in a Perfect World were used to curate this collection.

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Title:Cry, But Stay Strong
Author:Michael Tavon
Total Pages:264
Document type:PDF & EPUB
File Size:2.5 MB

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