The 5 Principles of Parenting PDF by Aliza Pressman

The 5 Principles of Parenting PDF by Aliza Pressman

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The 5 Principles of Parenting doesn’t presume to tell you how to parent with “my way is right” advice because the science is clear: There’s no one “right” way to raise good humans. No matter how you were raised, how your coparent behaves, or how your kids have been parented up until now, you can start using The 5 Principles of Parenting to chart a manageable course for raising good humans that’s aligned with your own values and with your children’s unique temperaments. Whether you’re in the trenches with a toddler or a tween (because spoiler alert: the tantrums of childhood mirror of the tantrums of adolescence), it’s never too late to learn to use these 5 principles to reparent yourself and help your kids build the resilience they need to thrive. Through practice and normalizing imperfection, along the way you’ll discover the person you’re ultimately raising is yourself. By becoming more intentional people, we become better parents. By becoming better parents, we become better people. Let’s get started.

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