Desperately Seeking Shah Rukh PDF Free Download

Desperately Seeking Shah Rukh PDF Download

Desperately Seeking Shah Rukh PDF Download will be provided here. This book is an intelligent, charming, and quirky illuminating portrait of the dire state of gender relations in contemporary India. You can easily download it in English through the links given below on our website.

Desperately Seeking Shah Rukh PDF

This book is a revelation of Indian women’s personal and public journeys from many myriads of life. Often hard-hitting but completely engrossing and difficult to ignore, this book is equal parts an economic analysis, a sociological deep dive, and a study of pop culture.

Apart from the data, surveys, and analytics about the work culture of women and men in India panning from 1911 to 2019, we see one of the worst kinds of patriarchy in our world! The author has shown us the lives of women who suffer throughout either their personal or professional life.

No matter if we are rich, middle class, or poor, being a woman in India is not a thing to be proud of! The connecting link between all the women she has talked to or interviewed is not just Shah Rukh Khan but also the torment that each one had to go through to have a stand!

No matter how progressive we say our country is or even if say our men are supporting it, the truth is our daughters and mothers are still not safe to walk on the streets once the sun sets! The book is a truth shown to us through the author’s eyes!

Insightful book – tells stories about women from different social strata starting from the idea of Shahrukh’s impact on their lives. From seeking financial freedom, social independence, and equal rights to love – this book echoes how far feminism has come and how far it has yet to go.

  1. Fantasies
    • A Loveless Landscape
    • Who Is Shah Rukh?
    • Engineering Shah Rukh
    • An Actor and an Aristocrat
    • An Elite Composite
  2. Baazigar (Gambler)
    • Adventures in Accounting
    • A Girl Called Gold
    • Lost in Liberalization
  3. Work from Home
    • Surveyors
    • The Boredom of Manju
    • A Tale of Two Televisions
  4. Mannat
    • An Equilibrium of Silly Expectations
    • Madness at Mannat
    • Loveria

This book gives you insight into how crucial fandom is and what it means in the life of an Indian woman. Thoroughly researched and flowing in simple, clear words, Desperately seeking shah rukh announces the position of women in our economy with the help of Shah Rukh, fantasies, and fandom.

About Desperately Seeking Shah Rukh Free PDF

Book NameDesperately Seeking Shahrukh
AuthorShrayana Bhattacharya
PublisherHarperCollins India
Release Date11 November 2021

Shrayana Bhattacharya trained in development economics at Delhi University and Harvard University. Since 2014, in her role as an economist at a multilateral development bank, she has focused on issues related to social policy and jobs. Prior to this, she worked on research projects with the Centre for Policy Research, the SEWA Union, and the Institute of Social Studies Trust.

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