Oxford Student Atlas for India PDF Free Download

Oxford Student Atlas for India PDF Download

Oxford Student Atlas for India PDF Free Download will be discussed here. Download Oxford Student Atlas PDF was written by Oxford University Press. Today in this post we will also provide you Oxford Atlas pdf with the download link. So stay tuned with this post and download PDF for free.

Are you are preparing for UPSC Civil Services Exams? In today’s article, we will provide Oxford Student Atlas book, and you will be able to crack the UPSC Civil Services exam easily with its help. You will be able to easily top the UPSC exam with the help of this book.

Oxford Student Atlas PDF Summary

On the first page of the book, given the names of 28 states and 9 union territories, with their capital, area, population, Decennial Growth Rate(2001-2011), Density(persons per square KM), Sex Ratio (Females Per 1000 Male), and Number of Districts.

Oxford Student Atlas for India Book is the third edition of this series from Oxford University. This is a very essential book for UPSC and any state civil service exams. This edition is the 2020 edition. Two union territories- Jammu and Kashmir, and Ladakh are shown here.

This book is very useful for the map, full coverage of India & it is also updated. I want to prefer this book to the aspirations of the Civil Service (WBCS, UPSC). The print quality is excellent. Also revised with new territories & updates maps.

Also a very good atlas for school-going kids. It instigates curiosity in him to know more about his country. Good for preparing for competitions. You can look at the location of places that you study in subject books. it helps you to get a picture in mind & increase memory retention.

This atlas is comfortable for all exams. Atlas contains map-based questions on History and Geography. It contains 2 poster-size maps printed on either side (4 maps). The chart of India and the World Map has also been added so no need to buy any type of chart. It is a super quality atlas for UPSC and very much helpful.

Features of Oxford Student Atlas PDF

  • Reflects recent administrative changes in India and the world
  • Latest socio-economic maps and data culled from authoritative sources
  • Special sections on the history of map-making. and concepts of contour and landforms
  • Symbols for each place name from India and the world according to population range
  • Contains a fully updated and revised index
  • Climograph for selected Indian cities and states demographic profiles in the regional section of India
  • 121 important topical themes in the India section
  • Important topical themes such as biosphere reserves, wetlands, power projects, agricultural regions, agro-climatic zones, levels of industrial development, human development, tourism, cultural realms, heritage, space exploration, inter-basin water transfer link, etc.
  • Top10 major crops-producing states of India
  • Regional maps of countries and regions and maps of SAARC nations
  • Top 5 major crops-producing and mineral-producing countries
  • Several new themes such as heat zones, crops, etc.
  • An informative section on ‘Facts and Figures’ comprising the latest information on each country including flags, statistics, geographic comparisons, and a time zones map

Contents of Oxford Student Atlas for India PDF

  • Map and Map Making
  • The Universe
  • The Planet Earth
  • Contours and Landforms

The Indian States:

  • India – Physical
  • India – Political
  • Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Uttarakhand, and Haryana – Physical & Political
  • Rajasthan and Gujarat – Physical & Political
  • Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and Jharkhand – Physical & Political
  • Sikkim, West Bengal, and North Eastern States – Physical & Political
  • MP, Chhattisgarh, and Odisha – Physical & Political
  • Maharashtra, Telangana, AP, and Goa – Physical & Political
  • Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala – Physical & Political
  • Chandigarh, Delhi, and Daman and Diu – Physical & Political
  • Dadra and Nagar Haveli, Pondicherry, Lakshadeep, and Andaman and the Nicobar Islands – Physical & Political

Indian – Thematic:

  • India – Climate
  • India – Geology and Geological History, Structure and Major Faults & Thrusts
  • India – Physiography
  • India – Drainage Basins and East & West Flawing Rivers
  • India – Natural Vegetation and Forest Cover
  • India – Biogeographic Zones, Wildlife, and Wetlands
  • India – Soil and Land Use
  • India – Irrigation and Power Projects
  • India – Food Crops
  • India – Cash Crops
  • India – Foodgrain Production and Milk Production
  • India – Livestock Population and Fisheries
  • India – Mining Industry and Industrial Regions
  • India – Mineral Fuels and Mineral Belts
  • India – Metalic Minerals
  • India – Industries
  • India – Roads and Inland Waterways
  • India – Railways
  • India – Air Routes and Sea Routes
  • India – Tourism and Mass Media
  • India – Population
  • India – Religions and Languages
  • India – Human Development
  • India – Herritage
  • India – Environmental Concerns
  • India – Natural Diusasters
  • India – History

Continents and Regions:

  • Asia – Physical
  • Asia – Political
  • Asia – Climate, Natural Vegetation, and Population
  • Asia – Economic Development
  • Bangladesh, Srilanka, Nepal, and Maldives
  • Afghanistan, Bhutan, Pakistan, and Myanmar
  • South-East Asia
  • West Asia
  • North Korea, South Korea and, Japan
  • China, Mongolia and, Taiwan


  • Europe – Physical
  • Europe – Political
  • Europe – Climate, Natural Vegetation, and Population
  • Europe – Economic Development
  • British Isles
  • Eurasia

North America:

  • North America – Physical
  • North America – Political
  • North America – Climate, Natural Vegetation, and Population
  • North America – Economic Development
  • United States of America and Alaska
  • Central America and West Indies

South America:

  • South America – Physical
  • South America – Political
  • South America – Climate, Natural Vegetation, and Population
  • South America – Economic Development


  • Africa – Physical
  • Africa – Political
  • Africa – Climate, Natural Vegetation, and Population
  • Africa – Economic Development


  • Oceania – Physical
  • Oceania – Political
  • Oceania – Climate, Natural Vegetation, and Population
  • Oceania – Economic Development

Polar Region and the Oceans:

  • Arctic and Antarctica
  • The Oceans


  • World – Physical
  • World – Political
  • World – Major Landforms and Major Islands & Water Features
  • World – Climatic Regions
  • World – Climate
  • World – Soil and Drainage Basins
  • World – Natural Vegetation and Forest Cover
  • World – Agricultural and Industrial Region
  • World – Minerals and Mineral Fuels
  • World – Energy Production, Consumption, Trade, and Economic Development
  • World – Population, Urbanization, Cultural Realms, and Languages
  • World – International Migration and Human Development
  • World – Air and Sea Routes
  • World – Biomes at Risk
  • World – Environment Crises
  • World – Natural Disasters
  • World – History
  • World – Flags
  • World – Geographic Comparisons
  • World-Time Zones

Oxford Student Atlas PDF Details

Book NameOxford Student Atlas for India – 4th Edition
AuthorOxford University Press
PublisherOxford University Press
Release Date1 December 2019

Oxford Student Atlas for India PDF Free Download

  • 270+ map-based questions on the pattern of the UPSC, State Public Service Commissions, and other competitive exams; answers provided in the Areal app
  • Latest socio-economic maps and data
  • Covers topical themes: biosphere reserves, wetlands, power projects, space exploration, etc.
  • Includes 12 maps on Indian climate, 20 maps on Indian agriculture, 8 maps on environmental concerns and 24 maps on the history of the Indian subcontinent

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