Download Dork Diaries 15 PDF by Rachel Renée Russell

Dork Diaries 15 PDF by Rachel Renée Russell

Dork Diaries 15: A Book

Download the book Dork Diaries 15 PDF, written by author Rachel Renée Russell and published by Aladdin Paperbacks on September 26, 2023, in both PDF and ePUB formats, comprising 320 pages.

Title:Dork Diaries 15
Author:Rachel Renée Russell
Publication:Aladdin Paperbacks
Publication date:26 September 2023
Total Pages:320
Document type:PDF
File Size:15.8 MB
Dork Diaries 15 by Rachel Renée Russell book information.

About the book

The book is amazing but it needs more realism, and a better personality for Mackenzie since she’s basically turning insane. I like the upgraded style though, and going through Nikki’s adventures was fun! This series was part of my childhood, so seeing that this book was finally released made my day! Like this book so much its very interesting reading the adventures of Nikki Maxwell

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